WFCF's Contribution Fuels The Power of Play's Mission in the Maasai Community

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Nov 27, 2023
Power of Play

On November 17, 2023, the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) generously contributed $6,300 USD to support The Power of Play's initiative: the creation of a sensory playground for children in the Maasai community of Tanzania. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to constructing sustainable playgrounds globally, The Power of Play strives to establish safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environments where children can engage in the essential activity of play.

In alignment with its mission, The Power of Play has partnered with WFCF and Emily Carr University of Art + Design to develop a sensory playground for the Nashipay Maasai Initiatives (NMI), a community-based non-governmental organization situated in Makuyuni, Monduli District, Arusha Region, Tanzania. NMI focuses on humanitarian efforts, including the construction of schools, water systems, academic scholarships for disadvantaged children, and support for sustainable economic development projects in the Maasai region.

To ensure the successful implementation of the project, The Power of Play will cover travel and accommodation expenses for their team members actively involved in the process. Concurrently, students from Emily Carr University of Art + Design will take charge of designing both the sensory playground and accompanying signage. WFCF's generous donation to the project will be allocated towards procuring the necessary materials for the playground.

The Power of Play commits to providing WFCF with regular updates as the project unfolds, fostering transparency and shared progress in their collective mission to create positive impacts for the Maasai community's children.

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