Message from the President of WFCF

By Beth A. Peiffer, Past President on Feb 1, 2006

Originally published in the WFCF Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2006

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” Upon pondering this thought, we realize that a small and committed group of caring individuals really can change the world, one life at a time. When WFCF was founded, I questioned:

  • “How are we going to successfully impact handicapped orphaned children in third world countries?”
  • “How are we going to ensure accountability of our funding decisions?”
  • “How can a private foundation with little name recognition make a difference?”
  • “How will we ever communicate our message, educate others about adversities facing countless children in this world, and also attract funding?”

A highly successful year, 2005, for WFCF was measured by collaborations with several organizations to help handicapped orphaned children in third world countries. WFCF began the year working with Messiah College, Grantham PA, USA through its Dokimoi Ergatai program in helping a French based organization, Handicapes en Avant in providing $1,750 funding for the purchase of hand-propelled tricycles and visual-assist devices for children in Burkina Faso, West Africa. WFCF then collaborated with The United Methodist Church in providing $500 worth of medicine to the Boyarka and also $500 worth of medicine to the Zgurovka orphanages in Ukraine.

At the year end, WFCF collaborated with the Baylor College of Medicine via the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative in providing $500 funding for the Lesotho, West Africa care and treatment center, as well as $500 funding for the Swaziland, West Africa, care and treatment center for children who are orphaned due to AIDS related issues.

What’s next? WFCF currently is researching needs in Haiti, Kenya, Ukraine, and Africa. WFCF remains committed in supporting projects in third world countries that promote the healthcare needs of suffering children, who are disabled and orphaned. I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to Advisory Board Members, Gary James, Michael Gingerich, Charles Kern, and Mehdi Khosrow-Pour for their enduring commitment to WFCF, and most importantly, the children we serve.

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