Donors. Our Most Valued Asset.

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Oct 6, 2021

What’s important to you as a donor? If you’ve asked yourself this question the answer could be, how do I know my donation is making a difference? Or where does my donation go after I provide it? When deciding what worthy charitable organization you want to make contributions to, you will understandably want to see your gift at work.

At the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) these answers are of the utmost importance to us. Did you know that for every $1.00 donated to WFCF, 95 cents of that are used to directly fund our projects that support children and communities in need? If you, for instance, donated to our International China Concern (ICC) campaign to help children with physical and cognitive disabilities gain access to new medical mobility equipment, you can be assured that 95% of that donation is going directly to those children.

WFCF is committed to the organizations we partner with and the projects we fund. The most vital approach we can take is to make sure that we are responsibly and respectfully utilizing your donation to directly benefit the children and communities we serve.

Our valued donors are essential in moving our mission forward - to truly help children and communities in need and to make a difference in our global community. We thank all our donors for their past contributions and we appreciate all they have done to raise awareness for WFCF and hope to continue our collaborations for a long time to come. As we look to the future, we are excited to remain on this path together. Let’s continue to make an impact.

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