What We Do

Since 2003, WFCF has funded programs that provide vital medical and therapy equipment and devices to children and young adults with disabilities in developing nations worldwide. Due to various financial constraints and cultural norms within these countries, children with cognitive and physical disabilities are faced with many disadvantages and oftentimes are abandoned or rehomed to facilities that lack the necessary resources needed to provide them with proper care and medical attention.

WFCF has expanded its mission to include direct support to the communities where these children live by actively aiding in community development and sustainable initiatives. It is WFCF’s firm belief that providing this assistance will ultimately lead to overall better health and positive growth for these communities in need.

We Thank Our Funding Sponsors

Hyojin Kim Nirav Patel Foundation
San Francisco, California, USA
Has provided funding in support of the Jusarang Community Church (Baby Box Church).

IGI Global
Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
Supports WFCF by donating 5% of its online bookstore purchases to WFCF causes.

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