Ukraine Aid

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Mar 11, 2022

We have all been affected by the images, videos and stories coming out of Ukraine. Families fleeing their homes for the hope of safety, children separated from their parents and the terrors of war.

We want to help but may feel overwhelmed by options of who to send aid through or where to even begin. Below are a few local (to Pennsylvania) and national organizations that you can donate to with confidence and help the people of Ukraine.

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee
Located in Philadelphia, PA
Donate Here
Accepting monetary donations and clothing, children and baby items.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Donate Here
United Way of Southwestern PA
Donate Here
The Pittsburgh Foundation and the United Way of Southwestern PA have teamed up to accept monetary donations to aid the United Way of Romania, Poland and Hungary. Three countries expected to receive the largest amounts of people fleeing Ukraine. Your donation will go towards transportation, shelter, hygiene kits, and children/baby supplies.

HOPE International
Located in Lancaster, PA
Donate Here
Hope International has worked in Ukraine for 25 years supporting families and farmers. They are accepting monetary donations via their HOPE Ukrainian assistance fund that will go towards HOPE Ukrainian staff, support refugees crossing into Romania and Moldova, and help HOPE Ukraine staff, farmers and entrepreneurs recover losses suffered.

Donate Here
UNICEF is in Ukraine providing aid to children and displaced persons.

Save The Children
Donate Here
Save The Children is a worldwide organization providing aid to children and families.

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