Creating a Safer Environment for Babies and Mothers at the Baby Box Center

By Erin Whitsel, WFCF Blog Editor on Aug 18, 2021

In April 2021, the World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) had the pleasure of providing more funds to the Jusarang Community Church, also known as the “Baby Box Church” in Seoul, South Korea, to support with critical building repairs.

The “baby box” was first introduced by Pastor Lee Jong-rak in 2010 after hearing reports of babies being abandoned in open air or in public restrooms, where they risked dying of hypothermia. The box was designed to act as a “dropbox” so that mothers of unwanted newborns and infants have an alternative to leaving them in such dangerous conditions.

The church building now serves as a care facility for unwed mothers and babies, and the “baby box” continues to remain operational and heavily utilized. On average, more than 200 babies are abandoned at the center each year, and the shelter looks after the new arrivals for a few days until they are moved to orphanages to await new families.

Ensuring that the facility is up to code and safe for newborn babies and mothers is of critical importance and WFCF over the years has been supporting the church with repairs to everything from the stairway access to get to the baby box, CCTV camera installations, door and window replacements, among other projects.

These latest repairs continue to make the center a safe haven for newborn babies and mothers as through this latest project, the Baby Box center was able to complete rooftop repairs and construction and replace a damaged drainpipe.

The drainpipe that ran under the facility for single mothers was broken and causing water damage in the center and seeping into the building next door. The broken pipe was able to be replaced and the water damage was repaired, eliminating continued problems and the odor that permeated the area.

Before the construction on the damaged drain pipe

Drain Pipe 1 (Before)
Drain Pipe 2 (Before)
Drain Pipe 3 (Before)

After the construction on the damaged drain pipe

Drain Pipe 1 (After)
Drain Pipe 2 (After)
Drain Pipe 3 (After)

The second issue the center had been dealing with was rainwater leaking in through the rooftop and creating more water damage inside. The center has a rooftop entrance utilized by mothers and the centers’ employees. A framework had been constructed but was unable to be completed due to a lack of funds. With WFCF’s help, the framework and roof were completed. This newly installed roof will eliminate further water damage to the rooms on the second floor of the center making it a much safer and comfortable place for all.

Before construction on the rooftop

Rooftop (Before)

After the completed addition on the rooftop to prevent rainwater damage

Rooftop (After)

Pastor Lee of Jusarang Community Church was most grateful for this latest set of repairs - “Due to your kind support, we could replace old pipes and install roofs to prevent rainwater in the baby box center. Also, we could do some interior work to create a more pleasant environment for both babies and single mothers. Their faces were very happy after the remodeling. They, and we, are very grateful for your kindness.”… “We appreciate you again for your valuable donation. May God's grace and blessing be with all of you on your ministry. Thanks and my best regards.”

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