Why Is the Mission of World Forgotten Children Foundation Important?

By World Forgotten Children Foundation on Jan 26, 2022

Since its inception in 2003, World Forgotten Children Foundation has been offering monetary support to countless organizations worldwide with one mission in mind: helping children with disabilities. In 2019 the board of WFCF realized that an expanded mission to include aid to the communities these children live in, and other economically disadvantaged communities could offer a helping hand to the entire population which, in turn, would bring benefits to all.

Our mission states: The World Forgotten Children Foundation (WFCF) is a private non-profit effort, founded for the sole purpose of supporting projects that promote the health and welfare needs of underprivileged communities and orphaned children with disabilities in developing countries.

Why Is This Important?

WFCF Mission 1

“Nearly 240 million children worldwide, or one in 10, live with disabilities and experience deprivation in indicators such as health, education and protection,”(UN) according to a report put out by UNICEF in November 2021.

While the sheer number of children in need around the world can seem overwhelming, the fact is that we can make small differences in their lives by working together to lift them up. A World Health Organization study stated that “People with disability also face barriers, stigmatization and discrimination when accessing health and health-related services and strategies.”(WHO) Many people with disabilities face discrimination and difficulty finding and receiving proper care. Children with disabilities can also face barriers to quality education.

What Does WFCF Do to Help?

WFCF Mission 2

At WFCF we offer monetary aid to projects that align with our mission. Organizations in Russia, China, and South Korea have reached out to WFCF for assistance in aiding children with disabilities. With these partnering organizations, we have been able to supply new medical equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility and hygiene equipment, and structural fortification of buildings that house children. The generous contributions from our donors have greatly improved the quality of the day-to-day lives of these children.

Since our expanded mission, we have partnered with an organization that built a new water system to bring clean, safe water to people in nearby villages. They also use the system to water and grow their crops, benefitting the entire area again with fresh and healthy food. In October of 2021, we partnered with an organization that builds sustainable and fun playgrounds for children at an orphanage in South Sudan. This was the first project that linked both parts of our mission, to aid children and community development.

Why Does WFCF Help?

The staff, board, and donors of WFCF believe that no child should go without the proper medical and healthcare attention they need and deserve, especially the most vulnerable children with disabilities who are living without parents to care for them. We also believe that putting sustainable projects in place in underdeveloped communities will uplift and enable the entire community for a better quality of life. We do this to offer a hand up to those individuals and organizations so they can in turn offer a hand up to others.

WFCF Mission 3 WFCF Mission 4

I encourage you to read more about our past projects and donate today to help us continue this good work. If you would like to learn about other ways you can raise awareness about WFCF, please contact our Development Coordinator, Erin, at ewhitsel@world-forgotten-children.org.

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